How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair? – Try These Natural Ways At Home

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How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair? – Try These Natural Ways At Home

Are you suffering from oily hair? Then you are at the right place to find a solution for your oily hair.

Oily hair is one of the major problems that many of the people are facing nowadays. There are many disadvantages of oily hair.

Some of them are

  • Your hair looks very thin if your hair is oily.
  • Dust from the surroundings will form on your hair.
  • Dandruff will form easily on your hair.
  • Hair fall will be very often.

As oily hair can cause a lot of damage to your hair everyone should take care of oily hair.

In this article, you will find natural ways to get rid of oily hair.

1. Do head bath more often:

If you are suffering from oily hair then it is the best and easy way to control your oily hair. Do head bath very often so that the oil formed on your hair will disappear after every head bath.

But you should track your hair as it is not the permanent solution as oil might form again on your hair.

So whenever you feel your hair is oily you have to do the head bath. But use only mild shampoos as you wash your hair very often.

2. Reduce the usage of hair products:

Do you know the use of more hair products may lead to oily hair? So whenever you are planning to use new hair products think of it twice and see what are the benefits of it. Stay away from oily products.

If you feel it is very important then only try to use that product or else avoid it.

3. Use Natural Products:

Don’t use artificial products for your hair care, use only natural products for hair care. As many artificial products contain chemicals it might lead to damage to your hair.

While using natural products also use only products which are recommended for oily hair. As many products in the market are for dry hair using those products may lead to the worst situation.

4. Use dry shampoo:

It is always preferred to use natural products for cleaning your hair such as Kukudukaya, Shikaya, etc. But if these products are not available or not suitable for you then go for the other products.

If you are planning to use dry shampoo then choose the shampoo that will be suitable for oily hair.

As many shampoos in the market come according to the nature of the hair so choose accordingly.

5. Try products designed for oily hair:

If you are using any product to your hair you should first think/ask of this thing ” Is this product is suitable for oily hair?”. As the market is full of products you should take care while choosing the products for your hair.

It is always advised not to use many products for your hair. As it may lead to damage to your hair.

So it is always preferred to choose limited products to your hair.

6. Clean your Comb regularly:

I know you comb your hair regularly. But do you clean your comb regularly?

As many people give importance to cleaning their hair but then will neglect cleaning their comb regularly.

There will be no benefit of the head bath if you don’t clean your comb, as dirt formed on your hair will be formed on your comb when you don’t wash your comb it again transfers that dirt into your hair.

So wash your comb as and when you go for the head bath.

7. Try Lemon Juice:

Lemon contains Vitamin C which will be useful to control your oily hair and it will also be useful to control your dandruff.

So if you have oily hair before you go to head bath use lemon juice and apply it on your hair.

Keep it for 10-15 minutes. After it gets dried go for a head bath. After the head bath, you will see the difference in your hair.

8. Don’t Apply Conditioner on Scalp:

If you have oily hair then don’t do the mistake by applying conditioner on your scalp.

As conditioner generally makes the hair oily. So if you already have oily hair then applying conditioner to your hair is a bad idea.

So avoid applying conditioner if your hair is oily but if your hair is dry then you can use conditioner to your hair.

9. Use Egg Yolk Hair Mask:

Use egg yolk on your hair if your hair is oily.

It will not only remove oil formed on your hair but also it is useful for your hair growth.

As egg contains proteins it will be helpful for your hair roots to grow well.


So we hope you have gained some good information to get rid of oily hair.

As all these are natural ways to get rid of oily hair any of these methods can be used easily at your home.

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