Hair Fall ?- Don’t Worry Just Follow These Effective Tricks To Reduce It

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Hair Fall ?- Don’t Worry Just Follow These Effective Tricks To Reduce It.

Hair Fall is a common problem which is faced by many of the people in these modern days.

As everyone is involved in their busy life no one is taking care of their hair.

Everyone should take care of their hair as it adds a lot of beauty to you.

Once your hair is lost then it takes a lot of effort to regrow your hair.

As everyone says prevention is better than cure. Prevent your hair fall by following simple tricks at your home.

1. Do Headbath With Mild Shampoo Regularly:

One of the major reason for your hair fall is an accumulation of a lot of dust on your hair.

Accumulation of dust will leads to dandruff which will ultimately lead to hair fall.

So many of the doctors suggest that one should have their head bath at twice a week.

So do headbath with mild shampoo at least twice a week to reduce your hair fall.

2. Choose Balanced Diet:

First, check your diet plan. Are you giving importance to all the nutrients and proteins in your diet?

If not then first change your diet plan. Your hair needs a continuous supply of required proteins and nutrients daily.

If you are not supplying it to your hair then it will lead to hair fall. So change your diet and control your hair fall.

If you want to know foods that help our growth then check out this article. Click here.

3. Use Onion Juice At Frequent Intervals:

Onion is one of the major products that help hair to grow.

Apply onion juice regularly and rub your hair with this juice. It will stimulate blood on your head and reduces hair fall.

Onion is rich in Sulphur which reduces thinning or breakage of hair. So apply onion juice regularly to control your hair fall.

4. Rub Your Hair With Green Tea:

Green tea is the best element for hair. Green tea contains catechins which will help to destroy the element called as DTH which is responsible for hair fall.

Are you aware that green tea also helps to remove dandruff on your scalp and rejuvenates your hair?

So applying green tea is one of the best methods to control the fall of your hair.

5. Massage your scalp regularly:

Massaging your scalp regularly is one of a good way to control your hair fall.

Many nutrients which you consume daily is carried out to different parts of your body by the blood.

When you massage your scalp, as a result, it will stimulate and blood will flow to your hair and ultimately leads to control your hair fall.

6. Avoid Smoking and Beverages:

In these modern days, 4 out of 5 people either smoke or drink in their routine life.

Smoking and alcohol consumption not only lead to hair fall but also causes several life-threatening diseases such as cancer etc.

So avoid smoking and drinking of alcohol step by step don’t stop it suddenly as it may impact your health.

7. Consult Doctor Early:

If you want to know the exact reason for your hair falls the first consult a doctor who is specialist for hair.

The doctor will find the exact reasi=on for your hair damage and will suggest your medication accordingly.

It’s better to consult a doctor at an early stage as will help you come out of the situation with less damage.

8. Avoid hair dryers:

Nowadays everyone is using hair dryers and hair straighteners regularly to style their hair.

Even though it gives them instant results it will slowly damage your hair after continuous usage.

It causes more harm than good as it leads to falling your hair.

So avoid these hair dryers and hair straighteners to protect your hair from falling.


So in conclusion, if you start following these easily available amazing tricks that can be done at your home you will see drastic results.

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